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November 9, 2022

The Sweetest Outlaw in the Denver West

The Sweetest Outlaw in the Denver West

2022 has been another banner year for Cat Care Society as a busy shelter buzzing with staff, volunteers, visitors, community members, and of course, cats. Yet nothing has distracted us from our mission of caring for all cats. Here at CCS, no cat is the wrong color, size, or gender; none are too old or too young; none are too ill to be valued, loved and treated with dignity.

So many incredible cats come across our path, and we work tirelessly to find every single one their perfect home. And every once in a while, one cat captures the hearts of nearly every single person that he meets.

That cat is Sundance, a 15-year-old orange and white diabetic lovebug with quite the story.

Sundance had been at Cat Care Society so long that he actually pre-dated the records in our current system, but we believe that he came to us around 2019. That year, Sundance was adopted with another CCS cat named Zig Zag.

Fast forward two years, and around the end of 2021, our shelter manager received a call from his adopter. He was in the military, was going to be stationed overseas, and could no longer keep his cat. He needed to surrender Sundance back to Cat Care. Our concerns mounted quickly, as he mentioned Sundance but not Zig Zag. He called back later to say that he found a home for Sundance. We were concerned for both cats but tried not to make assumptions.

Unfortunately, our fears were warranted, as about one month later, our phone rang again. This time it was a local vet clinic who had a cat that fit Sundance’s description. His owner had stopped giving Sundance his insulin, and when he gave Sundance to another family, there was no mention of his medical needs.

That family found out during that vet visit the cat they just took in was diabetic. Unable to care for Sundance, he was returned to CCS — about five pounds lighter. Without proper care for his condition, Sundance showed the wear, but his sweet personality was completely unchanged.

The plot twist here is that Zig Zag was also found around this exact same time. The woman who first trapped Zig Zag put up lost cat fliers in the neighborhood, and someone called her saying they had been feeding him with the rest of a feral cat colony nearby. Zig Zag returned to CCS along with Sundance.

The coincidence doesn’t stop there. On the same day, both boys were again adopted out to new homes, though to different families (Zig Zag is still in his new home and doing great). Unfortunately for Sundance, his story doesn’t yet have its happy ending. Sundance’s third adopter brought him back after two weeks when he wasn’t fitting in with the rest of the family’s cats. He also developed litterbox issues that he never had before. Back to CCS again.

Unlike the outlaw which he shares a name with, this Sundance is gentle, calm, cool and collected. His eyes ooze kindness, his dotted nose begs for bops, and he sports lips that almost look human. His gaze seeps into your soul.

Sundance could often be found in the window of the CCS diabetic room snoozing away or pawing at the window, prompting visitors to come in and receive some signature Sundance purrs and snuggles.

In August 2022, Sundance went into a new foster home, where he was eating well, taking his meds, receiving regular vet care, and “catting normally.” We were determined to not give up on this sweet, special boy. By September, he found a new home.

The fourth time seems to be the charm for Sundance, as his new family is fully aware of his history and prepared to take on his medical needs. In fact, three 12-year-old triplet daughters chose Sundance, falling in love with him, as most folks do, and ready and eager to change the life for the better of this special needs cat.

He may not have a friend named Butch Cassidy, and the only crime this kid ever committed is being too sweet. We may never know the story of Sundance’s earlier years, but what we know now is that his senior years are golden, filled with love, and an entire community rooting for him.

You can help cats like Sundance through several ways. Please consider a financial gift, visiting us at the shelter, or donating online.

  • $2,500 helps pay for specialty veterinary care and services for special needs cats like James.
  • $1,000 pays for five cats to receive dental care and treatment.
  • $500 pays for 10 spay and 20 neuter surgeries, preventing 30 cats from giving birth to multiple litters of kittens.
  • $250 pays for a month’s worth of food and care for 25 kittens.
  • $100 buys a week of litter for the shelter cats.

Without the support of people like you, we couldn’t keep doing what we do. As a shelter that ensures every cat is cared for, your backing makes this work possible. We are so grateful for each and every donation that keeps our lights on and our hearts open.

Thank you.

EC Michaels
Executive Director
Cat Care Society

Have you adopted from CCS in the past? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Send us your adoption success stories (and photos!) to be featured in our #adoptionupdate series on social media or on our website.

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