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Hours: Thurs-Mon, noon-6 pm

Adoptable Cats

Check out these adoptable cats and kittens at our free-roaming, limited-admission shelter in the Denver metro.

Thinking of opening your home up to a new cat?

We are so excited you’re here to look around and would love to introduce you to our adoptable cats! Whether you’re looking for a playful kitten or a cuddly senior cat, we have many personalities to choose from.

Our Cats

Don’t see the purrfect match for you? New cats come into our care regularly, so be sure to check back soon!

Want more information on the adoption process or feeling ready to adopt?

Sponsor a Cat

Not ready or not able to adopt a cat right now but still want to help? Sponsor a cat’s adoption! Simply donate toward the care of a senior, adult cat or a kitten. The cat – and his or her future adopter – will appreciate it!
Lonely Hearts Club Member

About the Lonely Hearts Club

You may notice some cats on this site with “Lonely Hearts Club” written on their photo. That means our staff feels like that cat needs some extra help finding his or her home. Lonely Hearts Club members may be pets who are older, not as eye-catching, have specific medical needs or just haven’t found a loving family yet. They may have been overlooked in the past, but we believe they can bring so much love to your life. Please consider visiting or adopting a Lonely Hearts Club cat today!

Not ready for commitment?

If you’d rather foster a cat without the intention of adopting, check out our foster page for more information.