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What’s going at CCS? Check out this list of programs we offer, from our pet pantry to temporary care and legacy society.
Cat Care Society is a safe and enriching place for cats on their journey to a loving home while providing shelter, medical, behavioral, adoption and community engagement services. Since being founded in 1981, CCS has provided support to thousands of cats. Here are a few ways we can help you.
Temporary Care Program

Temporary Care Program

If you’re in a bind and need a temporary place to keep your cat safe, we can help. Our Temporary Care Program helps people who are unable to care for their cats for a short time due to unexpected events like home foreclosure, domestic violence, temporary homelessness, or an extended hospital stay. We recognize that in times of crisis, a pet can feel like your only lifeline, so while you find your footing, we can ensure that your cat is taken care of and ready to reunite with you when you’re ready. We’ll provide shelter, veterinary care, food and enrichment for up to six weeks. This program not only keeps families together, but also keeps cats out of shelters.

Note: Spots are limited, and participation in the program is subject to space and availability.

For more information or to inquire about availability, email or call 303-239-9680.

Nibbles & Kibbles

Nibbles & Kibbles is Cat Care Society’s emergency food bank that offers free cat food, litter, and supplies to people who are experiencing temporary financial challenges. This helps owners continue to care for their cats, who may be one of their few comforts during times of hardship. Items available include litter boxes and scoops, feeding mats, carriers, grooming materials, toys, food and water bowls, electric feeders, harnesses, collars, leashes, and scratchers. Please note that items may not always be available and quantities are dispersed based on supply. 

The pantry is open for free to community members in need on the first or third Saturday of every month between 10 a.m. and noon. Due to Nibbles & Kibbles being an emergency source of food, we cannot accommodate private appointments outside of these hours at this time. 

Looking to donate and have extra litter or food your kitties won’t eat or don’t need? We will take it! We accept both unopened or opened dry food, and unopened cans of wet cat food, including prescription diets and food that addresses kidney, urinary, and sensitive stomach issues. Bring in your donations during open shelter hours and leave them in the designated donation area. Be sure to remember your donation receipt.

Nibbles & Kibbles
Nine Lives Legacy Society

Nine Lives Legacy Society

Thank you for your interest in including Cat Care Society in your estate plans. Your contribution will leave a lasting legacy to ensure the future of our organization for years to come.

Begin Your Legacy Today

There are many ways you can make your legacy gift to the Cat Care Society.
  • Will or Trust – Designate the Cat Care Society as a beneficiary of your will or trust. Leave a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to ensure the greatest impact for cats. Contact your attorney for more information.

  • Beneficiary – Designate the Cat Care Society as a beneficiary of your retirement account, 401k, IRA, financial account, annuity and/or life insurance policy. Contact your institution for more information.

  • Personal Property and Real Estate – Leave a gift such as your vehicle, real estate, and/or other valuables to the Cat Care Society. Once your property is accepted, it will be sold, and the proceeds will benefit CCS.

How to Become a Member

  • Contact the Cat Care Society – Allow us to assist you in leaving your meaningful legacy gift by answering your questions. Please contact our Director of Planned Giving at or 303-237-4559. Please know there will never be an expectation or obligation to complete a gift.

  • Submit the Estate Planning Notification Form – Notify us of your gift and enroll in the Nine Lives Legacy Society. To request this form, contact Ashleigh Leader at or 303-237-4559.
  • Notify UsIf you have already included Cat Care Society in your estate plans, please notify us by contacting Ashleigh Leader at or 303-237-4559.


Contact Ashleigh Leader at or 303-237-4559.

Frequently Requested Information

  • Contact: Ashleigh Leader, Director of Planned Giving, or 303-237-4559

  • Legal Name: Cat Care Society

  • Federal Tax ID # or EIN #: 84-0869447

  • Address: 5787 W 6th Ave Lakewood, CO 80214

  • Type of entity: 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation

If you have already included Cat Care Society in your estate plans, please notify us by contacting Ashleigh Leader at or 303-237-4559.

Sample Language

“I hereby give $_____ or ____% to the Cat Care Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with its office presently located at 5787 W 6th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214, (Tax ID #: 84-0869447), to be used for the accomplishment of its general purposes.”

Guardianship Program

Once you have become a member of our Nine Lives Legacy Society, you are invited to enroll your cat(s) in our Guardianship Program. Should your cat(s) survive you, the Cat Care Society will serve as the temporary guardian for your cat(s) until they are adopted into their next loving home. This program is available for your cat(s), whether or not they were adopted from our shelter.

How to Enroll

To become a member of our Nine Lives Legacy Society and enroll in our Guardianship Program:
  • Become a Member of the Nine Lives Legacy Society (see above for instructions)

  • Contact Cat Care Society – Allow us to answer questions you have about our Guardianship Program. To schedule an appointment, contact Ashleigh Leader at or 303-237-4559.

  • Submit the Guardianship Program Enrollment Form – Please tell us all about your cats! The information you provide will help Cat Care Society properly care for your cats should they come into our guardianship. You will be asked to provide information such as daily routine, dietary preferences/requirements, medical history/requirements, likes/dislikes, and more. To request this form, contact Ashleigh Leader at or 303-237-4559.

Guardianship Program

We deeply appreciate your interest in leaving a legacy gift to support the longevity and continued impact of the Cat Care Society. Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

Cat Care Society also offers adoption services and hosts a variety of events you can get involved in. If you’re looking to give back, please consider applying to volunteer or foster to help cats in need!