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May 25, 2023

Happily Homed: Penny and Elizabeth (Espresso and Juniper)

Happily Homed: Penny and Elizabeth (Espresso and Juniper)

We have an adoption update sent in from Katie! Katie adopted Penny and Elizabeth in April 2023.

Katie visited our shelter to find kittens, and kittens she found! Penny and Elizabeth (now Espresso and Juniper) love their new home and are “Super adventurous and such trouble makers.”

Katie says “Both kitties are thriving! Their tests came back healthy and they’re growing more everyday. Juniper (Elizabeth) is becoming more confident and exploring the space. Espresso (Penny) enjoys causing trouble and zooming throughout the home. Essie is a huge basketball fan and is very excited for the nuggets finals appearance. She enjoys tall places like dresser tops and tops of cat trees while June prefers to hide them pounce. Their personalities are polar opposites but they share the same distinct sweetness. Their opposite personalities and coloring have earned them the nicknames sunshine and midnight rain.

Have you adopted from CCS in the past? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Send us your adoption success stories (and photos!) to be featured in our #adoptionupdate series on social media or on our website.

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