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May 6, 2024

Happily Homed: Dumpling (Kane)

Happily Homed: Dumpling (Kane)

We have an #adoptionupdate from Nathaniel, who adopted Kane (now Dumpling) in March 2024.

“Kane, now named Dumpling, is doing very well! We were looking at a handful of cats, none of which were Dumpling, but one cat was sleeping in the same huddle as Dumpling. We wanted to meet the cat sleeping with him, but Dumpling kept butting his head into us for attention, and a volunteer told us she had never seen him be so friendly with anyone before. That was when we turned our attention to him and decided to take him home.

“It took several days, lots of patience, and a small mountain of treats to get Dumpling to come out of his various hiding places and interact with us. He did not play for the first two weeks we had him. He did not want anything to do with us or our other cats during this time. Now, Dumpling can’t go one minute without giving someone affection, whether it’s us or our other cats. He loves to play with bird-like toys, and he loves salmon flavor squeezy treats!

“Upon his arrival, Dumpling refused to eat or drink for a few days, but, after some treat bribery, he began to eat. Now, he will eat anything and everything, even if we don’t want him too. Dumpling has never voided outside of his litter boxes, but does occasionally bring his favorite clothes of ours into them (very adorable).

“Overall, Dumpling has had many issues he has had to work through. He was a fearful cat release with higher levels of anxiety than I’ve ever dealt with in a cat. He had sensitive digestion and is mildly uncoordinated. But Dumpling has worked so hard throughout the past month, from living in a cat tree to sleeping in the middle of the room, from only eating his specialized wet food to his new raw diet (which he can’t get enough of), and from being afraid of myself and my partner to constantly asking for cuddles. We could not have made a better choice for our family and don’t regret a moment of work we’ve put into making his life better!”

Have you adopted from CCS in the past? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Send us your adoption success stories (and photos!) to be featured in our #adoptionupdate series on social media or on our website.

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