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October 9, 2023

Happily Homed: BooBoo (Squeaky) and Charlie

Happily Homed: BooBoo (Squeaky) and Charlie

We have an adoption update from Howie and Miles, who adopted Squeaky (now BooBoo) and Charlie (a blind cat) from us a few months ago.

Howie said that both cats are doing great.  Charlie loves cuddling and eating. BooBoo is still shy but finally starting to allow herself to be seen and petted.

“We came to the shelter wanting one cat. We just got married in April and wanted to grow a family. Getting a cat was the logical choice. We wanted one cat, a young one to grow old with…. Squeaky (who is now called Booboo as it is easier for me to pronounce as I am deaf) was very sweet and quiet. She was also the only one who showed affection to me… as most cats are skittish around new people….we decided to adopt Squeaky but then we saw Charlie. He was all shaved up and looked adorable. Sadly he was not ready to be adopted as he was on medical watch … so we left with Booboo.

The next day I mentioned I kinda wanted Charlie. Miles said he did as well. Then a few hours later we get a call from you saying Charlie was ready to be adopted.  We didn’t wait. We drove right there to pick him up. I also wanted to adopt Charlie as he is blind and I am Deaf…. so I felt he needed a good home asap.

Booboo took a long time to warm up to us but Charlie warmed up immediately.

Booboo is now allowing us to pet her. She will also walk up to us to sit next to us sometimes now. Charlie will eat anything now. He will eat an entire bowl of dry food in 10 minutes if you let him. It’s pretty funny to watch but he’s on a diet now.  1 TBSP wet food (we use Hills) 3 times a day and a little dry food.  They both get temptation snacks a couple times a day and once before bed time for a night snack.

Charlie sleeps in the spare bedroom at night because we’re worried he’ll fall down through the stair railings due to him not being able to see.. he doesn’t really like toys but he loves playing with papers and he has a very strange obsession with the shower. He wants to go in. He will climb and go crazy trying to get in. Every single time. It’s very cute. Charlie also likes to sneak between your legs and trip you. Charlie loves to sleep on our bed during the day time. 

Booboo no longer sleeps in the bedroom as she does not want to. She is very happy sleeping on the couch. Or sitting on a window sill watching the neighborhood. She knows when it’s dinner time and runs up to me waiting for food without me even taking the food out. She also loves to sun bathe sitting on the stairs.

Thank you so much for allowing them in our family.  We’re big fans and supporters of CCS!”

Have you adopted from CCS in the past? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Send us your adoption success stories (and photos!) to be featured in our #adoptionupdate series on social media or on our website.

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