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June 29, 2023

Happily Homed: August (Cheetara)

Happily Homed: August (Cheetara)

We have an adoption update sent in from Hally! Hally adopted Cheetara, now August, in July 2022

Hally says that August is “amazing!! she’s literally the best and loves all of us!!

“She LOVES ice cubes!! she has figured out how to take them out of the ice cube maker. she also jumps super high on the fridge to play with magnets. she also is super food obsessed. she has figured out how to open the cabinet to eat her food, and our pasta and rice so we had to get a baby lock. she loved to sneak the food you’re cooking too. she’s soooo cuddly and cuddles on you all the time and purrrs like crazy!”

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