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February 16, 2024

Partner Spotlight: Colorado Pet Pantry

Partner Spotlight: Colorado Pet Pantry

Learn about some of Cat Care Society‘s valued partners in this blog series, showcasing the work of some incredible local non-profits and how together we’re helping cats in our community. Today, meet Colorado Pet Pantry, which provides pet food and supplies to community members in need.

Much like food banks are used to assist people in need of food, Colorado Pet Pantry (CPP) is here to help pet parents. Their goal? To ensure that all families in a neighborhood have the resources to consistently feed their pets, thereby keeping them out of shelters.

Colorado Pet Pantry is dedicated to ensuring that no person faces the heart-breaking decision to relinquish their beloved pet due to financial constraints or lack of resources. “We often deal with people at low points in their lives, and we are honored to have the ability to lend a helping hand,” CPP told us.

Take it from Dawn, who was able to continue caring for her cat Brave and two dogs, amidst a divorce that brought unexpected financial strain. Or Robert, who appreciates the help for his service dog, Kloe. Or Lisa and her cat Velcro, who needs an expensive prescription diet to manage her health.

A white fan is parked next to stacks of pet food
CPP sets up at one of its sites in Trinidad last fall

Partners in the Community

Beyond the people CPP serves directly, they also are strong community partners, coming to the aid of many shelters and rescues. Through their Animal Welfare Share Program, CPP assists with arranging pet food and supply deliveries to organizations when they’re able.

Just recently, CCS accepted FOUR PALLETS of cat litter that we so desperately needed thanks to CPP and their relationship with Greater Good Charities.

CCS cat Bam Bam says “thank you for the litter!”

“As a non-profit shelter caring for hundreds of cats, litter donations are absolutely crucial for us in taking care of our animals — and we go through a lot!” said CCS’ animal care lead Michelle. “We’ve been short on non-clumping litter lately, so this generous delivery couldn’t be more welcomed. It will be put to good use keeping our kitties’ facilities clean and providing them the care they deserve, while saving some of our funds to put toward other much-needed shelter operations and improvements. As kitten season will once again be here soon, it’s also a big help to keep us stocked up and ready for the spring as we welcome many new little ones, whom this litter is safer for. Thank you Colorado Pet Pantry for helping make this happen!”

Colorado Pet Pantry History

Colorado Pet Pantry was founded by Eileen Lambert in 2013. It started with a bi-monthly pet food bank at one “human” food bank partner. Once need was established, they were up to four monthly pet food banks in 2014, and five through Denver and Boulder by 2015 and 2016.

The organization’s growth has been exponential. Now, in 2024, CPP says it is the largest direct-to-client organization of its kind in the U.S. The organization distributes pet food at 95 monthly pet food banks in 31 Colorado counties, distributing 35 million meals to pets in need over the last decade, and assists over 100 animal welfare organizations.

Their official mission: The Colorado Pet Pantry will temporarily feed Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families.

Q&A with Colorado Pet Pantry

What projects or events do you have coming up?

Coming up we have a few fundraising events – our 2nd Annual Experience Colorado Auction will be live online from 3/31 – 4/7. This includes all experience related items (non-tangible), and primarily focuses on Colorado experiences.

Then on 8/24/24 our signature event, Raise the Woof! Rooftop Party for a Cause will take place on the X Denver Wooftop.

What issues or challenges face your organization that you’re watching or working to overcome?

Right now, we are focusing on how to most effectively continue our mission and assist the communities we are committed to, in the midst of a national pet food shortage.

“Three years ago, when the world shut down for a pandemic, so did the pet food factories and their ingredient suppliers. Because Colorado Pet Pantry accepts large scale donations of short-dated pet food, it has taken three years for the effects of the shut down to reach us. The pet food that would have expired, literally does not exist, so the donations are nonexistent.” This is why donations are more important than ever.

How can others support you?

The best way to support us is with monetary donations or by hosting a pet food drive.

Thanks to our pet food partnerships, we can take a $5 donation and turn it into a 30-day supply of pet food for one dog or cat.

What is the one thing you others to know?

We are here to help Colorado pet families stay together. And we are committed to this goal.

Colorado Pet Pantry is also a member of MDAWA, as is CCS, joining forces with like-minded organizations in the Denver metro to collaborate in promoting humane care for companion animals in our community.

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