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May 24, 2023

How Catios Can Help Reduce Cat Scratching on Furniture

How Catios Can Help Reduce Cat Scratching on Furniture

By Simon Fox

A common challenge for cat owners is dealing with the issue of their feline friends scratching furniture. This problem not only damages your home decor but also may hint at an unmet need in your pet’s environment. One solution to this issue is introducing a catio, an outdoor enclosure designed to keep cats safe while providing an enriched environment. So, how can a catio reduce cat scratching on furniture?

Understanding Cat Scratching Behavior 

Why Do Cats Scratch? 

Before we look into the solution, it’s crucial to understand why cats scratch in the first place. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, serving several purposes: 

  • It helps them to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.
  • It enables them to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent.
  • It allows them to shed the outer layers of their claws. 

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture? 

Your furniture becomes a target because it meets the criteria for a good scratching post: it’s tall enough for a full stretch, it’s sturdy and it’s textured. Furniture can also be a prime spot because of its central location in your home, allowing your cat to leave a noticeable territorial mark. 

The Catio Solution 

Photo: Cat Topia

What is a Catio? 

A catio, a portmanteau of “cat” and “patio,” is an enclosed outdoor space specifically designed for cats. Catios come in various sizes and designs, ranging from small window boxes to large garden enclosures, allowing your cats to enjoy the outdoors safely. 

How Can a Catio Help? 

Implementing a catio can help reduce your cat’s furniture scratching in several ways: 

  • Providing an Enriched Environment: A catio provides your cat with a stimulating environment, full of sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. This can help to alleviate boredom, a common cause of inappropriate scratching. 
  • Alternative Scratching Surfaces: You can fill your catio with appropriate scratching posts that are more appealing than your furniture. This gives your cat an acceptable place to perform their natural scratching behavior. 
  • Increased Territory: Catios expand your cat’s territory, providing more space for them to mark without resorting to your couch or other furniture. 

Preserving Your Furniture with a Catio 

Protecting Your Furniture Investment 

Imagine it: You’re a cat owner and recently brought home a gently used, stylish couch from a store like The Good Couch in Denver. It’s the perfect addition to your home, and naturally, you’d like to keep it in great condition. Introducing a catio into your cat’s life can be a big step toward achieving this. With alternative scratching surfaces and a stimulating environment, a catio can channel your cat’s scratching behavior away from your indoor furniture, thus helping to maintain the condition and longevity of pieces like your new couch. 

Building a Cat-Friendly Catio 

Essential Elements of a Catio 

Here are some elements to consider when building a catio: 

  • Safety: The enclosure should be secure to prevent your cat from escaping and to keep predators out.
  • Scratching Posts: Include a variety of scratching surfaces, such as sisal rope posts, corrugated cardboard or natural wood. 
  • Shade and Shelter: Provide areas of shade and shelter to protect your cat from the weather. 
  • Climbing and Hiding Spots: Cats love to climb and hide, so consider incorporating shelves, perches, and hiding spots. 

Photo: Cat Topia

Enhancing Your Catio with Outdoor Carpeting 

The Benefit of Outdoor Carpeting 

In addition to providing a variety of scratching posts within your catio, another great way to enrich the space and reduce furniture scratching is by incorporating outdoor carpeting on the catio shelves. Outdoor carpeting serves a dual purpose: 

  • Additional Scratching Surface: The texture of outdoor carpeting makes for a satisfying scratching surface for cats. This gives them an extra outlet for their natural urge to scratch, further reducing their reliance on your furniture. 
  • Comfortable Perching Spot: Outdoor carpeting can make the shelves in your catio more comfortable for your cat. This encourages them to spend more time in the catio, reducing the time they spend scratching indoors. 

Adding outdoor carpeting to your catio is a simple step that can significantly improve the space’s effectiveness in curbing unwanted scratching behavior. Just like the other elements in your catio, it contributes to an enriched environment that keeps your cat happy and stimulated, while preserving your indoor furniture. 

While cat scratching can be a frustrating problem, understanding the reasons behind it and providing alternatives like a catio can go a long way toward a solution. A catio not only helps reduce furniture scratching, but also provides a myriad of benefits for your feline friend, including safety, stimulation and an enriched environment. Remember to make your catio engaging with a variety of scratching posts and elements that cater to your cat’s needs.

Investing time and thought into creating a catio can result in a happier cat and well-preserved furniture, ensuring a harmonious living environment for everyone.

Watch a catio come to life in this video!

About the Author: Simon Fox is the project manager at Cat Topia. He is a native to Colorado and enjoys skiing, golfing and watching wildlife. He owns and operates a second business called Fox Pro Homes LLC and is a licensed realtor through Keller Williams Downtown.