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July 18, 2023

Happily Homed: Frankie and Jinx

Happily Homed: Frankie and Jinx

We have an adoption update sent in from Jamie! Jamie adopted Frankie (black) and Jinx (calico) last month. Coming in without knowing which cat they wanted, the mission was to see which cats vibed.

Jamie said: “Frankie was alone in a darkened room, hiding under a foot stool. We’d looked around and hadn’t noticed him. I went back there and peeked under the footstool. A little meow and asking for scritches, and we knew we’d found our boy. Jinx, on the other hand, was sleeping on top of a cabinet, but her poster sounded like she might be a good kittie for us, so we took her without actually interacting with her. Many thanks to the intrepid cat wrangler who climbed up there and got her for us!”

Frankie and Jinx have since have blossomed into very sweet, loving cats, Jamie reports. “Frankie is a very laid back snuggle kittie who loves napping on any available lap. Jinx is a very curious girl who loves to explore, with plenty of time outs for pets and scritches. If anything is happening, she is right there wanting to know what’s going on! They’ve developed their own great relationship, with plenty of wild play sessions, followed by napping together in the sunshine.

Jamie said both are very happy, healthy cats. “We love them very much! Their favorite toy is a cat tunnel, great for chasing and wrestling. Thank you for managing the facility the way it is. It was so nice to see the cats with freedom.”

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