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Kitten season can start as early as March and last through October.


Kitten Season

It’s the start of Kitten Season! Kitten season, otherwise known as feline breeding season, takes place during warm months, typically March through October, and many shelters experience the bulk of their cat and kitten intake during this time. There’s no timeline for when kittens arrive, but the nicer the weather, the longer kitten season lasts.

While it is a slice of heaven for cat lovers, it actually can be a very challenging time of year for shelters. We need resources and supplies to support the momma cats and kittens that we care for day in and day out.

Last year, Cat Care Society rescued over 200 kittens and moms each needing medical care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, and often times, foster care with one of our amazing foster families until they were old enough to be adopted. And that was a slow season!

Your donation will allow us to provide food, shelter, and medical care for Colorado’s tiniest feline residents. For every $150 raised, Cat Care Society will be able to care for one more kitten this year.

Join The Fun!

Kitten Cam!

Kittens are a great source of entertainment. You can catch up on all the fun the CCS kittens are having on our YouTube Channel. (Videos will be added as more kittens arrive) 

Name a Kitten!

Want to name a CCS kitten? Simply donate $25 or more and submit a name for one of our new kittens! Names and photos of the kittens will be displayed on our Facebook page and Mewsletter.

Make a Blanket

With every adoption we like to send each kitten home with a knit/crocheted blanket to keep them cozy and comforted while adjusting to their new home. If you would like to make a blanket or two (or more), we know the kittens would be thrilled!

Blankets should be 15″x15″ (no larger than 24″x24″) and can be dropped off in our front lobby area or mailed to our shelter.

Colorful Kittens

Download fun kitten coloring pages 

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Make a Donation

Wish to donate to our CCS kittens? Here’s a few ways you can do it!

Donate Kitten Milk

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Kitten Care Donation

Donate to CCS

Kitten Stages – Newborn to 8 Weeks

A helpful guide in determining the age and characteristics of kittens during the early stages of life

Newborns – 2 weeks: During this time is when kittens are the most vulnerable and require feeding and help using the bathroom every 2 hours.

Newborns:  Umbilical cord is attached. Eyes are closed. Ears are folded. Can’t regulate body temperature. Nursing or bottle feeding.

1 Week:  Eyes still closed. Ears still folded. No umbilical cord. Nursing or bottle feeding. Eyes will open from 8 – 12 days.

2 Weeks:  Eyes are open with a blue color. Wobbly on their feet. Nursing or bottle feeding.

3 weeks – 5 weeks: During this time, kittens are slowly learning how to use the litterbox on their own as well as weaning onto wet kitten food and walking with confidence.

3 Weeks:  Incisors emerging. Ears unfolded. Discovering the litterbox.

4 Weeks:  Canine teeth emerging. Vision improving. Walking confidently.

5 Weeks:  Premolar teeth emerging. Weaning slowly onto wet kitten food. Starting to explore surroundings.

6 weeks – 8 weeks: Kittens are fully on kitten food, their eyes are transitioning from kitten blue to their adult eye colors and they are exploring their space and playing frequently. Once they reach 8 weeks and two pounds, kittens are able to be spayed/neutered and, after recovery, are ready for adoption.

6 Weeks:  All baby teeth have emerged. Eating both wet and dry food confidently. Curious and playful. High Energy. 

7 Weeks:  Eyes transitioning from blue to their adult coloring. Coordinated and playful. High Energy.

8 Weeks:  Once 2 pounds, kittens can be spayed/neutered and adopted into their forever homes. High energy, very playful, mischievous, into EVERYTHING! 

If you find a kitten that needs help, please contact our shelter for more information.       Phone: (303) 239- 9680

Something For Your Kitties

Want to pick up something fun for your cats? Shop our Online Meow Mart where we have tons of toys and cat treats to choose from!

Cat Care Society’s

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How can I adopt a kitten?

First you will need to fill out an application online. After that is submitted, an adoption specialist will contact you to do a phone interview and set up a time to come in and meet the available kittens. Once you choose your kitten, our adoption team will take you through the adoption contract and information as well as give you a kitten adoption bag. After the adoption is completed, you will be able to take your new furry friend home!


Masks are required to visit the shelter.
Thank you.