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June 30, 2023

Happily Homed: Maximus

Happily Homed: Maximus

We have an adoption update sent in from Emma! Emma adopted Maximus (as part of our foster to adopt program) in September 2020.

Emma says that she wasn’t expecting to adopt an FELV+ cat to her household, “but Maximus stole our hearts immediately!” He adjusted to his new home right away and didn’t hide, throw up or show any anxiety from the second we took him out of the carrier, she told us.

“When we adopted Maximus, he had FELV and was diagnosed with a chronic upper respiratory illness. He wheezed heavily and sometimes it seemed like he could barely breathe through the congestion. In the 3 years since, his nose has cleared up and his breathing is much better (its still a little runny – he leaves adorable “nose boops” on all the windows when he watches the squirrels outside). He has very occasional FELV related issues like seizures, but they are rare. Overall he’s a happy cat, who loves playing games, following his humans around, staring out windows, and zooming up and down the stairs.

“Maximus is the most social cat. We’ve watched him turn many self proclaimed “not cat people” into cat people – or at least, into Max people! No one can resist this adorable love bug.”

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