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March 10, 2023

Happily Homed: Abby’s Story

Amanda Huggett

We mean it when we say that Cat Care Society’s mission is to provide care for all cats, no matter what. In our last fiscal year, 716 cats and kitten came into our care, and 737 were adopted into loving homes. Even more medical procedures were performed to save lives.

Thanks to donors like you, CCS was able to secure new vet equipment to care for special needs cats, as well as a new washing machine to keep materials sanitized and clean. Looking ahead, we are working on expanding our shelter network to care for even more cats across the state, and our board is embarking on a new strategic plan to continue building on our 40-year-history.

Cats like Abby are why we do what we do. Abby came to CCS last spring as a cute and chunky black and white senior who badly needed help. One of our wonderful volunteers who rescues cats being given away online stumbled upon Abby and promptly brought her to the shelter. It’s a good thing too, because Abby needed immediate medical attention.

Abby had been given to a neighboring family when her owner passed away and previously had been too ill to take care of her. However, with little knowledge of cats, the family tried to help by cutting Abby’s matted fur off. The problem is, they didn’t know that mats grow close to the skin, and poor Abby’s skin also succumbed to the scissors. That’s where we came in.

The talented vet techs at the shelter were able to medicate Abby’s open wounds. And, as it turns out, Abby’s teeth also were in bad shape, and she required a dental procedure. During the treatment, she also received a shave to remove the rest of her mats while still under sedation.

Abby seemed scared and didn’t quite trust people at the time, but she was finally able to get around again without being in constant pain. Eventually, she came out of her shell and started letting people love her. She was a CCS resident for about five months before her new owner, Sharon, brought her to a new safe and warm home.

Sharon was a CCS volunteer who helped feed the shelter cats. She immediately found a soft spot for Abby, and watched as her cuts healed and her fur grew shiny and lush again. Sharon remembers the staff talking fondly of Abby too, always hearing good things about her.

These days, Abby is a happy and healthy cat. “She has some temperaments and moods here and there, but don’t we all,” Sharon says, laughing.

Abby may be 10, but you wouldn’t know it! She’s playful with plenty of energy. “All I have to do is pick up the laser light, and she’ll run back and forth,” Sharon says. “Every time I pick it up, she’s ready to go. She just races down the hall.” And the world is Abby’s TV, the local squirrels and birds providing endless entertainment. She loves to bat around balls or empty spools of thread and was fascinated by Sharon’s Christmas tree.

While Abby hasn’t quite come around to other cats yet, she rules the roost at Sharon’s house. And her lap! Abby’s been known to crawl up and take hours-long naps. She’ll often put her paws on Sharon’s chest and reach up for her, looking up with the sweetest, loving eyes, later rolling into the crook of her arm and settling in for the long haul. At night, Sharon receives headbutts as Abby looks for her place next to her new owner. Sometimes it’s accompanied with a few loving licks!

When new people come over, Abby shows no fear. She wants to be in the middle of the action while Sharon cooks or entertains. “My parents liked her the minute she came in the door,” Sharon recalls. “She’s not afraid of anybody!”

Abby is a quirky sleeper and has been caught with her feet up in the air or awkwardly curled up between objects. When she’s happy, she emits a soft purr. Thankfully for Abby, there’s been a lot of little purrs in her new life now.

Sharon mentions how helpful CCS’s free seminars have been in understanding cat behaviors and learning new tricks to make Abby as comfortable as possible.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of Cat Care Society and are ready to get to work helping even more cats like Abby. But we can’t do it without you. Please consider a financial gift to help us continue our mission, stop by the shelter, or donate online.

How does your generosity help?

  • $2,500 helps pay for specialty veterinary care and services for special needs cats.
  • $1,000 pays for five cats to receive dental care and treatment.
  • $500 pays for 10 spay and 20 neuter surgeries, preventing 30 cats from giving birth to multiple litters of kittens.
  • $250 pays for a month’s worth of food and care for 25 kittens.
  • $100 buys a week of litter for the shelter cats.

We are forever grateful for all that your contributions do for the cats in our community.

Thank you.

EC Michaels
Executive Director
Cat Care Society

Have you adopted from CCS in the past? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Send us your adoption success stories (and photos!) to be featured in our #adoptionupdate series on social media or on our website.

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