Hannah first came to Cat Care Society almost 4 years ago as a kitten. Like most kittens, she was quickly adopted and spent the next several years living happily with her new family. Unfortunately, Hannah developed feline lower urinary tract disease, a medical condition very common in cats. She would require a specialized prescription diet for life, and potentially surgery. Her family was heartbroken, they were unable to afford the diet that she required.

Luckily for Hannah, once a CCS cat always a CCS cat, and she was welcomed back to the shelter regardless of any medical conditions. Hannah joined other cats that required her prescription diet in a spacious room with a window and soon became a favorite of staff, volunteers, and guests alike. Despite the special prescription diet, Hannah’s medical issues continued to persist. Further examination and medical imaging revealed that she had a stone in her ureter, the duct which passes urine from the kidney to the bladder, as well as several bladder stones.

Not only was this condition incredibly painful, but also potentially life-threatening. Hannah’s sweet personality never once betrayed the incredible pain that she was experiencing, and she soon won over one of Cat Care Society’s regular visitors and long time supporters. When COVID-19 closed the shelter Hannah joined his family as a foster, with the intention of becoming an adopted family member once her medical issues were resolved.

Last week a specialty surgeon came to Cat Care Society and worked alongside our medical team to perform a nephrectomy and cystotomy, successfully removing all of the stones. Hannah had a smooth recovery from her surgery and was home with her new family the very next day. Cat Care Society receives no government funding and second chances for cats like Hannah are only possible thanks to generous supporters. Many small donations can compound to have a life-changing impact, both for cats in need and the people who love them. Please consider supporting Cat Care Society during #GivingTuesdayNow, an emergency response to support local nonprofits impacted by COVID-19. You can make a secure donation online here. We appreciate your continued support for Cat Care Society and our mission to improve the lives of cats in Colorado.

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