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July 3, 2024

Happily Homed: Crybaby and Coraline (Dill and Squirrel)

A tabby and a black and white kitten lay together

Amanda Huggett

We have an #adoptionupdate from Angelia, who came in with her family to adopt two kittens in May! Dill and Squirrel are now named Crybaby and Coraline.

“We were looking for a friendly cat to join our family. We were only looking for 1 but fell in love with both kittens! They’ve adjusted great, they love to run and play and explore the house.

“Both cats have been great, they did get sick a couple days after adoption but got taken to the vet and have been great since. They love you eat, they will both meow very loud to let you know they are hungry. Crybaby loves his tunnel and Coraline loves her toy balls to chase! They both love their naps in the cat tree! Their favorite thing has to be being awake early mornings and playing on us while we sleep. Crybaby will start his job at 5am making biscuits in your neck while asleep while purring and meowing very loudly every morning 🙂 And coraline joins him by jumping on our hair. They are both so playful and sweet.

“They have been the perfect addition to our family!”

Did you know that two kittens are better than one? If you’re interested in adopting, we hope you consider bringing two home together!

Have you adopted from CCS in the past? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Send us your adoption success stories (and photos!) to be featured in our #adoptionupdate series on social media or on our website.

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