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July 11, 2023

Cat Care Society Launches Redesigned Website & Announces New Strategic Plan

Cat Care Society Launches Redesigned Website & Announces New Strategic Plan

Lakewood, CO (July 11, 2023) — Cat Care Society (CCS), a non-profit cat shelter that provides adoption services and medical care for cats in the Denver metro area, announces the launch of its redesigned website, The updated website will increase CCS’ community engagement and support with its new features, including a media room, blog, events calendar, partner recognition and success stories.

The blog will provide educational materials for cat owners, including how to navigate feline medical and behavioral issues, as well as increase awareness of the positive impact Cat Care Society has on the animals and people it impacts.

The website was redesigned in support of Cat Care Society’s new strategic plan to help increase CCS’ visibility in the community.

“If you visit us online, you will see an entirely redesigned website with fresh content and new features to make it even easier to find the information you need,” said EC Michaels, CCS’ executive director. “You may also notice a slight change to our logo, which features a cat with one eye and another one with one leg to reflect our values of caring for every cat, regardless of his or her condition.”

The organization’s new strategic plan, which went into effect July 1, 2023 and runs through June 30, 2026, builds on the non-profit’s 40-plus-year history with refreshed mission, vision and value statements.


To be a safe and enriching place for all cats on their journey to a loving home. We do this by providing compassionate care, shelter, adoption services and community engagement.


Our vision is a committed and collaborative community where all cats have the opportunity to thrive.


Cat Care Society is:

  • Welcoming of all cats. None are too old or ill to be valued, loved and treated with dignity. We are compassionate of the cats in our care and the people whose lives we touch.
  • Committed to excellence in operations, ensuring the highest quality of care for cats and delivering positive outcomes for people who love cats.
  • Unique in our approach, offering free-roaming and enriching spaces for cats, embracing cats that need specialized support, and providing superior medical care.
  • Connected to our community as a regional leader and educational resource in cat welfare.
  • Inclusive of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the people we welcome through our doors and engage with in our community.

“CCS has so much rich history, and as we continue to drive ourselves forward, it was time to think big-picture as we go into the next era,” Michaels said. “This ambitious new plan helps us refine our identity and keep up with what’s needed in the animal welfare field and in our own community. There is so much to look forward to as an organization and a community, and I know that our years ahead look as bright as ever. Rest assured that even with our new identity, there will be no changes to our existing programming. We are as dedicated as ever to serving cats and the people who love them!”

Cat Care Society invites the public to explore its new website. Interested visitors can learn how they can engage with CCS through volunteer, donation and adoption opportunities.

About Cat Care Society

Cat Care Society is a limited-admission non-profit cat shelter located in Lakewood, Colo., founded in 1981. Throughout our 40-plus year history, we’ve worked to provide adoption services and life-saving medical treatment to cats in need in Colorado while providing community engagement to people who love cats. Our unique and free-roaming approach views all cats as worthy; none are too old or ill to be valued, loved and treated with dignity. For more information, visit

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