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Black Cats

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The Myth About Black Cat Adoptions

Throughout the month of October, you may see shelters having adoption specials on black animals and black cats in particular. For decades, there have been many misconceptions about adopting black cats during the Halloween season, with the fear they will be used for sacrificial purposes or other forms of mistreatment. We wanted to shed light on this misconception and provide some articles from credited sources debunking the myths about adopting black cats in October. Research has shown that ceasing the adoption of black cats during this time actually does more harm than good. This increases their time spent in the shelter, and they miss out on opportunities to find homes with loving families. As always, we have a thorough adoption screening to ensure every cat in our shelter finds a safe forever home. Our goal is to challenge this stigma by facing it head-on while providing the community with the correct information and resources.

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